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2016-09-09 09:11

The timeless bee tradition of the before-and-after questionnaire has finally come our way! Mr. Feather and I are still firmly in planning mode but have most of the big things crossed off our list, so I thought now would be a good time to check in and record our answers.

The Feathers at a wedding in Germany, 2015. Yes, I forgot to take off my FitBit. Yes, Mr. Feather looks damn good in a suit. // Personal photo

What’s your biggest priority for the wedding?

Beyond the usual responses about wanting our guests to have an amazing time, good photography, delicious food, and an overall awesome party, I’m a stickler for starting on time. Our guests have come from all over the world to attend our wedding, and I feel starting the ceremony more than a few minutes late would be inconsiderate.

Spending time with all of our guests one-on-one at some point during the weekend is another big priority for us. This might be a little unrealistic, but I want to be able to have a quick conversation with everyone—not just to thank them for showing up and supporting us but also to catch up with them personally and find out what’s been going on in their lives.

What’s your biggest concern for the day?

Nothing. Is that weird? It’s just one day. Sure, I worked my butt off planning it, but I firmly believe everyone is going to have a great time no matter what little issues come our way.

What DIY project do you care about the most?

This wedding is a DIY-free zone.

Exhibit A for why I won’t be touching anything remotely DIY and why you don’t want to hire me to design your home/office/secret lair. // Personal photo

Just kidding. Sometime last week I decided that I needed, needed?a few signs for the ceremony and reception. So now I’m going to be doing a little light painting and stenciling. Wish me luck!

What’s your worst wedding-related nightmare?

Pouring, unrelenting rain or extreme heat. We’ve planned for both scenarios, but in a perfect world, Mother Nature won’t bother us.

I’ve thought about all the other really scary stuff (venue burning down, major summer storm delaying flights, something terrible happening to one of our vendors), but a little deep breathing usually quells those fears until I can reassure myself how unlikely all of those things are.

And one more situation that isn’t quite nightmare-level, but close: the antique billiard table. Even though our friends are considerate, it only takes is one spilled drink for us to owe a lot of money in damages. Mr. Feather suggested closing off the billiards room, but I want to see if there’s a way for us to use it without too much stress.

Do you think you’re going to eat?

I bet I’ll have the opportunity to eat, but I’ll probably be too nervous to take more than a few bites.

What pictures do you think you have to have?

Family photos, definitely. My family is rarely in the same place at the same time,香港马会正版资料大全, so having those moments in time captured is important to me.

Image by preserveWA

I’m also excited to have some portraits taken in the bridal suite at Stimson-Green. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for us to rent the mansion for an additional two hours, so we can get ready there, but our photographer said we can sneak away and snap a few quick shots sometime during the reception. Or we may decide to bring in some extra chairs and sign the marriage license here.

Otherwise, I’m not giving our photographer any directions other than a family shot list. She’s the expert, so we’re going to let her pose us however she thinks is best.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Looking out at the crowd during our ceremony and seeing people from every part of our lives out there, supporting us. That’s probably what’s going to start the waterworks.

And, obviously, seeing Mr. Feather standing in front of me as I walk down the aisle. Heart, prepare for melting.

Personal photo

What do you think your guests will enjoy the most?

I hope they’ll love exploring our venue as much as I did. There’s a really cool antique safe built into the stairs in the basement and a lot of detailed ironwork around the fireplace in the library, plus other little nooks and crannies, historic artwork, and more.

I also hope our guests enjoy the wines we picked out because we were extra picky about that. We ended up selecting Cloudveil Pinot Noir? from Oregon as our red and are still deciding on a local chardonnay,通过发展宣扬教导培训、隐患排查、专项管理、巡视督查等运动.

What do you plan on doing after the wedding?

We have some friends in town until the Wednesday after the wedding, so we’re going to stay in Seattle and spend time with them.

This photo sums up how we’re going to feel once the wedding is over. // Personal photo

Once everyone goes home, we’re considering taking off for a short, relaxing honeymoon road trip around Washington State and Oregon. We wanted to do Malaysia on the recommendation of a friend, but we also want to buy a house in the next few years. A close-to-home honeymoon makes the most sense for us financially.

And there you have it!

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